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Pink & Orange Handwoven Reed Bag
Pink & Orange Handwoven Reed Bag

Pink & Orange Handwoven Reed Bag


We have selected these beautifully handmade TOINO ABEL bags as they take a modern approach to craft and basketry. They bring together an in-house designed collection with a very unique savoir-faire, while adopting an unique role that merges nature, design and an ancient craft.

This colourway comes in two sizes: 

Justine S  21x19x20 cm

Louisa+  29 x 18 x 20 cm 

A shoulder strap is included. 

TOINO ABEL was founded by Nuno Henriques, who has experimented and developed an increasing interest for handwork over the past 10 years. Nuno uses his understanding of craft and his passion for nature to drive forward a tradition that has been lost almost completely. Nuno has started TOINO ABEL in 2010 in Berlin and moved to the Portuguese countryside in 2013 to work on a daily basis alongside local artisans, at that time composed mostly of elderly people.

Sustainability means that living and working conditions are safe and dignified as well as that an economy that supports the ecosystem is fostered. Unlike the straw bag general panorama our artisans are well paid so that they can do what they love: craft. Fair payments allow people to have a chance to work in craft as a passion and not as a last resource.

Within the last 8 years they have increased the price per piece paid to established artisans by 105%. TOINO ABEL employs directly 3 persons who are all paid equally, whether male or female, a crafter or the founder, as they all work hard to bring you the best craft in class.