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Murano Glass - Sky Blue

Murano Glass - Sky Blue


This gorgeous sky blue colour sits beautifully against a clean white table setting or to bring out the blue hues on our Bertioli by Thyme Fern table linens!

Our Murano glass is created specially for us to adorn our “Patterns of Nature” table linens. The exquisite patterns and bespoke colours effortlessly combine with our bold prints, elevating any setting and accentuating different hues and tones with different combinations.

Murano, a collection of islands just off the Venetian shore, is famed for its unparalleled craftsmanship and quality of glass. Each of these pieces are handmade, so every one is totally unique in its exact colour and pattern.

We have a selection of designs, please visit us in the Piggery at Thyme to see the full collection.

The price is for one glass. If we do not have the quantities you are require, please call us on 01367850174.